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Independent Contractors Owning Their Business

Developing a high level of financial freedom

The salon suites concept is a growing trend wherein salon professionals can operate their own business --- enabling women and men to take control of their own financial future.  In this new concept we will enable spa professionals to participate in this ever-growing trend as well as assist in their overall development and education as to how to operate their own business.  Professionals with specialized skill levels and education in the area of oncology, trauma, down syndrome, and autism, are highly sought after.  

Traditional Salon Suite businesses in Denver, CO are currently requiring an average weekly rental fee in the amount of $265-$300 per person in each suite.  This is equivalent to $1148-1300 per month for in most cases a 100 square foot room.  This increase has crippled most professionals as they are finding they are having to supplement their income by working additional hours just to pay for the rent.  Ilaria believes in charging only an affordable rate to allow for these professionals to “breathe” and concentrate on working to live rather than living to work and will do all that can be done to allow professionals to share their space as well as employ an assistant without charging additional fees.  It is estimated that the weekly fees will be set to $200-$250 a week.   If two professionals wanted to share their space, they would only pay $125 each.  


On weekly basis professionals renting their space will pay via ACH draft the weekly rent specified within their lease agreement as well as maintain the required malpractice insurance required by the State license.  On average, salon/spa industry professionals working within this capacity generate a great deal more salary than they do while working within the commissioned base salon/spa environment.  However, for some it is intimidating to start their own business as they are unsure as to how to begin.  It becomes too overwhelming to think of the possibilities of not retaining enough clientele in order to sustain the weekly rental fee of the suite.  Our business will take a different approach then other concept businesses, wherein the management/owner will work closely with the suite owner and guide him/her on different ways to build a clientele.

Resolving the Problems with Membership Based and High-End Spas









In a traditional massage and facial spa such as Massage Envy, Elements, Hand and Stone, each professional works on an hourly salary between $15 to $17 each session; or a low percentage of commission, ultimately restricting their earning potential.   They practice a booking procedure wherein senior professionals obtain more sessions per week.  The average number of sessions per week is approximately 15.  When you are only earning $432 a week, it won't take long for that professional to quit that profession to find something more financially conducive to their needs. 


Ilaria will lease available suites to hair stylists, nail care technicians, skincare and massage therapist professionals enabling them to operate their own practice, earning their own featured salary.  20 sessions a week is a base goal, they will be allowed to work longer hours to obtain more sessions if they wish.  In addition, we will offer an option between 35-50% commission based on their experience to professionals that do not yet have a sufficient client list that justifies them to rent a suite and operate their own practice.  Emily Sanders, LMT/Owner will mentor each professional teaching them to operate their own practice.   

In addition, the current established salon suites concept restricts the professional to only allowing them to sell their products inside their suite.  In reference to retail products, we will develop a procedure wherein all professionals will have increased opportunities to sell their products to all guests visiting the spa, not only restricting it to their suite.

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