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High End Day Spa Parties

Ilaria blends pure luxury with relaxation for our guests’ enjoyment. We will be located in Denver area suburbs and offer a variety of treatments to nurture your body and soul. Whether it’s girls’ day, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, or the morning before the wedding, Ilaria will put together Relaxation and Beauty Packages comparable to the luxury you receive in 5 Star Hotels Day Spas and Salons.  We will offer very high-end luxurious body treatments such as seaweed and mud wraps!

There are several different salon and spa options country-wide that advertise “affordable” rates.  These are mostly membership based programs wherein the client is under contract to patron the establishment for an established duration of time.  It is our contention that consumers would rather have a place to patron wherein the quality of service is the key component and the price is fair and the treatment/service is provided with a high-end and level of superiority.


Established “affordable” salons and spa businesses provide only basic service needs for the client paired with low grade products.  Then of course we have the very high-end spas that provide very expensive services and products.  The suite owners will establish specific treatments and price them accordingly based on their expenses and required needs but will have the flexibility to provide fair pricing.  

Lil' Girls Spa Day!

What little girl doesn't like getting her friends together for her birthday and enjoying a day of pampering makeovers!  On Sundays, Ilaria Salon and Spa will provide the BEST little girls birthday spa parties ever!  While the girls are having their spa day in the Kids Creative Space the MOMS can go and have one for themselves!  We will of course utilize Simple Sugars products in all of our Spa Days!

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