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Kids Creative Space

Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit... and let someone else take care of your children for a while!

In most cases it is extremely difficult for consumers to schedule salon or spa services when they have to watch their children during the facilities operational hours.  However, with the implementation of this new business model, clients will no longer have to wait for their spouse to come home, for the kids to go to school or find a babysitter, etc.  Onsite child minding at a spa! Oh My!

The curriculum in this center will encourage a quiet, relaxing and mindful experience for children coming into the space.  We will use child mindful techniques such as Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises; while incorporating arts, crafts, age related education subjects, music and more.  Concentrating on four (4) core values:   

  1. Embodiment: learning how to feel comfortable and relaxed in one’s body;

  2. Focused attention: attention to sensory phenomena, such as one’s breath or sounds in the environment;

  3. Heartfeltness: learning to feel one’s emotions and to regulate more difficult ones;

  4. Interconnection: bringing compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude into one’s life.



“Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.” Mindful Org

Great care will go into the development of this program with qualified consultants and teachers that specialize in this type of curriculum.  They will assist in designing a compliant creative space and ensure all regulations are in place according to the Colorado State Standards set forth by the Department of Human Services.  Because the parents will be onsite, there is no license requirement.  However, we will VET all teachers.

The idea of incorporating onsite child care area into a business environment is not new.  Fitness Centers, Hospitals, Retail Outlets, Corporate Companies, etc. have successfully incorporated this amazing service as a benefit to their clients and employees.  Just a few years ago actress Jessica Biel opened a high-end restaurant called AU FUDGE, and within her location has an established area called the Creative Space, wherein children are supervised by licensed child care professionals.  A variety of industries and business have recognized the immense benefits of child care/nanny services as a necessary and arguably vital service for their customers and employees.

These findings further demonstrate that this type of high growth business model is in high demand and we have the unique and timely opportunity to design, implement and manage it the right way and franchise it to emerging markets for all to enjoy.                                                 

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