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Original Business Plans

I started my own massage practice in May 2013.  This business plan was ever evolving and changed throughout the years.  In 2016 I had an investor named Debbie Meador and we were in the process of implementing our plans until, she was diagnosed with Breast cancer.  Debbie passed November 2017. Subsequent to her death, I added the breast cancer foundation initiative and became the Denver Chapter Team Captain/Manager of the Remember Betty Foundation and added it to the community reinvestment endeavors.  I want to drive home the point that it is a huge portion of our business/marketing plan.  At the time, Debbie was hired by a hotel chain in the mid-west to add her hourly childcare services to their business model in order to provide these services to their hotel guests.  She said it was "the wave of the future".  

The areas wherein I believe we want to concentrate on expanding:

  • Product development.  I would love to work closely with the Simple Sugars, it is a perfect collaboration.  Lani Lazzari, President/CEO and the founder built her business after appearing on SHARK TANK, subsequently making a deal with Mark Cuban.  It is my assertion that with this type of partnership the opportunity exists to expand the salon/spa IEI concept, as well as the Kids Creative Space   

  • Adding a Kids Creative Space to Ilaria Salon and Med Spa as well as Identifying ways we can eventually roll out the same program to other salon and spas around the country.

    •   Curriculum 

  • Assessment and mentorship as to how I can adjust the business model to earn more financial benefits as a consultant in Ilaria Entreprenurial Investments. 

The financial reports are assumptions that were completed through 2019 pre-pandemic with subsequent adjustments through 2020.  Originally, the name of the spa was going to be ARIA and was changed in September 2020 to Ilaria. 

3 Salons/Spas with Childcare Services

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