Retail Products and Partnerships To Be Proud Of

A written narrative from the owner, Emily Sanders, LMT

You will find as you move forward into this section that these desired partnerships are not only driven by the amazing products and services they offer, it is their accomplishments and personal/professional messages that I have connected with.  I experienced a very violent event in my teenage years that I have always kept very closely hidden and didn't face the ramifications of that event for several years.  However, throughout the past few years, I have made a great deal of progress in overcoming the challenges it presented.    My mission is to incorporate special programs into my business so that I may help girls and women find the strength to soar and overcome their past.  

My goals in creating this business concept have always been emotionally driven.  I have been motivated to keep searching for partners and investors that would visualize and realize the same dream I have in order to make a notable difference in the world.  For years I looked for various products that are organic in nature and have been developed by female entrepreneurs.  These following three women have accomplished incredible success in their endeavors.  They represent the type of woman that I know is inside me.  The kind of women I hope my daughter will look up to and follow in their footsteps!  I just want to surround myself with them and realize the same success. 

At Ilaria we will be working with clients of all ages that will benefit in so many different ways from these products and partnerships!  We will pursue the following companies in order to carry retail products for sale, utilize them in our services, as well as share them in our networking events outlined in our Wellness page.  When we begin to franchise Ilaria across the country, these products will be a "staple" in each store and our partnerships will only flourish above and beyond our dreams. (I HAD to include myself amongst these women)

Alexis Jones

Kathy Ireland

Lani Lazzari

Emily Sanders

I first became familiar with Alexis Jones years ago when I followed Julianna Reed from the TV Show "The Partner" and found that she was the program manager of of her organization I AM THAT GIRL.  This organization promotes leadership amongst young women and as owner I will sponsor this team of girls within the organization and mentor their pathway to their dreams!   More recently I found out more information regarding Alexis' endeavors with her inspiring movement PROTECTHER (Protect Her) wherein she is furthering the efforts started by the #METOO movement and speaks to college athletes about respecting women and how their actions subsequently affect women.  This initiative is very close to my heart.

In conceptualizing this business plan and identifying the wellness aspect, I have always visualized myself working with young girls and teenagers, telling them my story and encouraging them to find their own awareness, self worth, confidence in their beauty inside and out.  Never to tolerate brutality and derogatory words, or believe they were at fault for any violence that is ever thrusted upon them.  Alexis' mission to educate males (and females) as to how they can be part of the resolution to this type of violence against women, warms my heart, brings a tear to my eye, and inspires me to assist her in all her endeavors.  I would love to meet and identify ways in which I could also spread her message to students in our local high schools as well as donate my time and funds to this important movement.  Opening Ilaria will afford me the opportunity and funds to dedicate a great deal of energy and education to our youth.  Alexis is my hero and I can't wait to get started!

When I think of Kathy Ireland, I smile big and think of how I was in such "awe" of her beauty and confidence.  As a teenager in the 1990's I was a confident competitive dancer, dance teacher and a high school varsity cheerleader.  When I was 16 years old I enrolled in a modeling program that was offered at an agency in Denver through my school.  I was very excited to take these classes as I had a secret desire and many aspirations to be a beautiful swimsuit model like Kathy Ireland.  I was half-way through the classes when I was raped.  As I mentioned, he took great pleasure in pointing out my flaws.  I remember going to the next class after that happened and his hateful comments about my appearance and body consumed my thoughts.  He had successfully convinced me that I was absolutely not pretty enough to even think of having a modeling career.  I can still feel the anxiety I felt while sitting in that class.  Ultimately, it was too difficult and overwhelming to deal with at the time.  Therefore, that was my last class as I decided to quit and stopped pursuing my dream to be a model.  A decision that I have always regretted.

In the midst of my most recent realizations as to how this event impacted my life up until this point, I am angry that he took that away from me.  I feel like their is a "piece of me" that is missing and that I must pursue this endeavor.  Therefore, I have made plans to meet with a professional photographer and take the beautiful swimsuit pictures that I have always dreamt of.  I feel it's important to chase down your dreams no matter how old you are.  What will come of it, I am unsure.  However, I feel so excited to take the chance and accomplish this dream.  You should never assume that "the ship has sailed" on your dream.  It's still a possibility, it's just sitting there waiting for you to launch it!  


Kathy Ireland is the epitome of the business woman I am striving to be. The personal care products she offers through her company Kathy Ireland Worldwide are perfect fit for Ilaria.  We will inquire as to how we may incorporate these incredible health care products into our Retail and Services offered.  These products include: Revive Light Therapy, Kinetic Nutrition and Damiva.    

When I was 16 years of age, I was raped at a college party that I attended with an older friend.  I was devastated and very lost as to how I should handle it.  I confided in only a handful of friends over the years as I was afraid of what my parents would think and was horrified at the thought of other boys in my school finding out.  I was sure they would all think I was tainted, make jokes and wouldn't want anything to do with me.  I did receive a small amount of counselling but, ultimately I intended to keep it a secret.  And that's just what I did...  That is until 2014 when I began realizing so many of my fears, insecurities, and unhealthy tendencies were directly related to issues I never dealt with after the rape.  In addition to violently taking my virginity, he took great pleasure in pointing out my flaws, which caused a great deal of anxiety about my appearance and body image.  Instead of dealing with all of this at the time it happened, I pushed it all down deep and thought I could just forget about it and move forward with my life.  I had know idea it would haunt me for years to come.  I am so much stronger now and I want to do all I can to help girls understand how fast you can find yourself in this situation and provide awareness and guidance as to how to handle it.  Through the salon, spa and wellness treatments we will design programs for young girls with negative body image tendencies to help them see the beauty inside.  If I can help even just one girl prevent it from happening, I will have been extremely successful!

Lani Lazzari has been in my business plans since 2014 when I started using Simple Sugars in my private practice Therapeutic Measures Massage Therapy.  The use of Simple Sugars Scrub in massage sessions provides a higher-level of luxury to each session.  In addition, the use provides healing remedies to skin conditions such as Eczema, Keratosis Pilaris, Psoriasis and Rosacea.  Ilaria will utilize Simple Sugars in our nail care treatments, massage therapy treatments, and body skin care treatments.  It is my assertion pursuant to her website, Ilaria will be the only retail outlet for Simple Sugars products east of Iowa.   


The marketing plan that I have prepared for high school students will in my opinion be of interest to Lani.  I'd love to work with her on ideas she has to encourage young woman to explore opportunities in business, sales and marketing endeavors.  See the Marketing page for more information!  I have always been very impressed with Lani's journey, company and success.  She's been an entrepreneur since she was a preteen, working hard against the grain to prove herself.  What an incredible mentor to women of all ages.  I would love to work with Lani on several different Spa Oriented Products.  Product development opportunities are identified but not limited to the following:

  • Simple Sugars Massage Oil - Infused with CBD/EMU oil and fine-granulated sugar.  Allows for a clean glide for massage strokes while providing healing attributes from the oils.

  • Simple Sugars Radiation Therapy Care - Research conducted online provides conflicting and confusing information relating to skincare options to cancer patients and survivors.  It is Emily's assertion that given the extensive healing characteristics of the current line of products, that subsequent research could be conducted with Lani to identify products that would make a difference.

  • Simple Sugars Girls Spa Day Bundles - Ilaria will offer child parties for birthday party celebrations, we would like to offer products that would be of interest to girls under the age of 12 years. 

  • Gallon Sized Simple Sugars - I wish to utilize the products in most sessions, I'd like to discuss the possibilities of obtaining products in bulk.